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About Global Selecta Group

Global Selecta is your gateway to excellence in the Logistics and Wine & Spirits industries. We’re not just about recruitment; we’re about your success. We wear our passion on our sleeves, tailoring recruitment solutions to bring your vision to life. Dive into a transparent journey with us and watch as we find the talent that aligns with your ambitions.

Partnerships that Speak Volumes

Marcel swiftly provided Ethica Wines with several exceptional SVP-level candidates, showcasing his expansive network within the wine industry. If you're seeking top-tier talent, Marcel is the go-to guy.
I wholeheartedly recommend Marcel for any and all total adult beverage recruiting opportunities. I have had the pleasure of working with Marcel over the past year, where he has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills, dedication, and a true passion for talent acquisition. What truly sets Marcel apart is his outstanding interpersonal skills. He has the natural ability to build rapport, making me feel valued and understood throughout the recruitment process. Additionally, he effectively collaborates with hiring managers and teams, ensuring a cohesive and positive experience for all stakeholders involved. I am confident that Marcel will bring the same level of dedication, expertise, and enthusiasm to any recruiting project. His passion for talent acquisition and proven track record of success make him an outstanding fit for your recruiting and hiring role.


Our Clients, Candidates and Employees matter to us more than anything! We are driven to place the best candidates on the market in the right positions to succeed.


We strive to build long-term strategic relationships with our clients and candidates by offering high-quality, personalised recruiting services.

Positioning You for Success

We present the right person, at the right time and place, in the right way, to empower both the client and the candidate.

Why Choose Global Selecta?

For Companies: Discover the power of our targeted approach and deep industry connections, which are instrumental in bringing top-tier talent to your organization. We excel in identifying professionals who are not just skillfully adept but also align seamlessly with your company’s culture and values. From Sales Professionals with comprehensive market understanding to Marketing Specialists crafting innovative strategies, and our handpicked 1099 Consultants skilled in National Accounts and Distribution, we ensure your team is equipped with individuals who can drive substantial growth and resonate with your brand’s ethos.

For Professionals: Embark on your career journey with Global Selecta, where our expansive network and deep industry insights open doors to enriching opportunities. We specialize in connecting you to roles that truly resonate with your expertise and aspirations. Whether you’re an emerging talent in sales eager to make your mark, or a marketing specialist looking to craft innovative strategies in the dynamic wine and spirits market, we’re committed to finding positions that challenge, inspire, and align with your career goals. With us, you’re not just finding a job; you’re stepping into a role that complements your skills and fuels your professional growth.

Our Commitment To You

We Listen with Curiosity, Speak with Honesty and Act with Integrity.

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Proactive Approach

Our main responsiblity is to be open, honest and proactive when servicing your needs. We strongly believe that our client's success is our success and we will exhaust all possible means to make this happen.

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Build a Partnership

Building mutual trust and honesty is the key to success. We make every effort to understand your exact requirements in order to create a win-win situation for both clients and candidates.

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Act with Integrity

Acting with integrity is the most valauble and respected quality of leadership. We always keep our word and go the extra mile to put our clients and candidates first.

The Person Behind it

Marcel Henning

Founder & CEO

Global Selecta Group was founded by Marcel Henning, a broadly skilled Entrepreneurial Professional with many years of experience in the Human Resource and Recruitment Industry.

The human brain is an amazing thing, and what I find most fascinating is when two people can connect and help each other achieve a higher goal. I want to give people the chance to be the best that they can be. This is the reason I do what I do. This is why I love recruiting.