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At Global Selecta, we pride ourselves on being the premier recruitment firm dedicated exclusively to the Wine & Spirits industry. Our mission is to bridge the gap between exceptional talent and distinguished companies in this vibrant sector. With years of specialized experience, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that define the world of Wine & Spirits.

Our Expertise in Wine & Spirits Recruitment

At Global Selecta, we understand the unique pulse of the wine and spirits sector and the diverse talent it demands. We pride ourselves on connecting our clients with a broad spectrum of professionals, each bringing their own expertise and flair to the industry. Our talent pool includes:

  1. Sales Professionals: From entry-level enthusiasts to seasoned experts, we place sales professionals at all levels, including up to VP of Sales. Our candidates are not just skilled in sales tactics but also possess an in-depth understanding of the wine and spirits market, enabling them to drive growth and build lasting relationships with clients.

  2. Marketing Specialists: In a market as dynamic as wine and spirits, innovative marketing strategies are crucial. We provide marketing talent who are adept at creating compelling narratives, brand building, and navigating the digital landscape, ensuring your products stand out in a crowded marketplace.

  3. 1099 Consultants: At the heart of our network are handpicked 1099 Consultants, specialists in National Accounts and Distribution within the wine and spirits sector. They bring a ‘Million Dollar Network/Contact List’ to your business, forged over 30 years with key decision-makers across major distribution channels, including national retailers and specialty beverage markets. These experts provide not just strategic market entry and growth strategies, but a proven track record in boosting brand visibility and driving significant growth. Their deep industry connections and strategic expertise position your products compellingly to a sophisticated consumer base.

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